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Welcome to the
Nutrition Certification Board™

The mission of the Nutrition Certification Board™ (NCB™) is to certify qualified nutrition professionals.  We certify in accordance with strict industry standards, in accordance with educational blueprints, and in compliance with our professional and ethical code of conduct.

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Please read and understand our Professional Code of Ethics

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Please read and understand the Requirements for Certification

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Certified Nutrition Coach, Specialist or Instructor

Certified Nutrition Health Coach, Specialist or Instructor

Certified pH Balance Coach or Instructor

Certified Weight Loss Coach or Instructor

Certified Detoxification Coach, Specialist or Instructor

For more information about becoming approved as a Certified Instructor in your nutrition profession, first become certified as a Nutrition, Nutrition Health, pH Balance, Weight Loss, or Detoxification Coach or Specialist. Then petition for our endorsement for your education organization and as an instructor.

How to Qualify Your Education Organization



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